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There is no doubt that AI will play a significant role in the future of the Metaverse. 随着我们的生活越来越多地网络化,人工智能将帮助我们理解这一切. From the infrastructure layer up to the experience layer, AI will be an essential part of the Metaverse.

人工智能可以从基础设施层开始帮助创建一个更高效和有效的元宇宙. For example, AI can help manage traffic and resources, ensuring everything runs smoothly. 人工智能还可以通过识别和预防潜在的安全威胁来帮助保持元宇宙的安全.

AI can play a vital role in moving up to the platform layer. For example, 人工智能可以根据你的兴趣和需求在元宇宙中找到合适的人和地方. 人工智能还可以通过翻译信息和理解上下文来帮助在元宇宙中与他人交流.

Finally, at the experience layer, AI will be essential for creating immersive and believable experiences. For example, AI can generate realistic avatars that look and act like real people. AI can also create believable environments that feel like real places. In short, the Metaverse would be a very different place without AI.


AIOps是Metaverse基础设施不可或缺的一部分,因为它有助于管理所有必要的组件, including hardware, software, and communications. 这些功能的可用性对于确保Metaverse基础设施的健壮性和提供与上层相关的可操作的见解至关重要. In addition, AIOps帮助快速有效地识别和解决问题,使用户可以不受干扰地享受元世界.

In addition, AIOps可以通过不断监测潜在问题并采取主动措施防止其发生来帮助提高性能. As the Metaverse continues to grow in popularity, the platform on which it runs must be able to scale accordingly. AIOps将在确保Metaverse对每个想要使用它的人保持可用和可访问性方面发挥至关重要的作用.

Inclusive user interfaces

Metaverse潜在成功的关键之一是高度沉浸式体验的承诺. However, while this can improve social interactions for some people, 它也可以成为一堵巨大的墙,让残疾人进入未来的数字世界. Not only that, 数字能力较低的人可能会发现自己脱离了这种新的社会经济和体验. 这就是为什么可访问性的人工智能应该在保证每个人都能访问Metaverse方面发挥根本作用, despite their abilities.

这一领域的一些相关技术可能是视觉残疾人的图像识别, automatic translation, intelligent exoskeletons to interact with the digital world, and brain-computer interfaces for the most vulnerable. 这些技术的发展对于确保每个人都能享受Metaverse的好处是至关重要的, regardless of their abilities.

Smart contracts

Yes, the Metaverse promises to democratize the internet, but it remains to be seen if that will happen. For example, Adidas’ recently launched NFT was sold out in less than a second, and one person could buy 330 in a single transaction. This incident shows that the power may move away from big corporations, but it does not seem it will return to the people. Instead, 看来只有那些有技术能力的人才能利用这个新系统. So while the Metaverse may hold the promise of democratization, it remains to be seen if that will come to fruition.

In the event of a large-scale attack on a blockchain network, identifying the source of the attack can be difficult. However, 与人工智能相结合的增强智能合约可以帮助追踪交易的源头. 这种能力将使当局能够采取行动防止进一步的袭击,并追查肇事者. However, 我们应该注意到,这不足以在区块链事务完成后停止它们. As such, we must take other measures to protect against these attacks.

AI as a creative partner

As AI technology continues to evolve, so does its potential for creative applications. For example, the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, such as GPT-3, have opened the door to using AI as a creative partner, capable of generating creative writing based on user inputs. However, AI is not limited to writing; it can also create realistic images from text descriptions or simple drawings. 得益于OpenAI的DALL-E或NVIDIA的GauGAN2等技术,这种能力成为可能. 我们已经看到了第一批使用这些算法的社区自治艺术家的例子. However, with every new development, 越来越明显的是,我们的想象力只会限制人工智能的极限.

Nuanced networking

为了在社交网络中为少数群体创造更加包容和安全的体验,各种努力已经到位. AI should empower good practices such as preventing abuse and hate speech, calculating content relevance for minority groups, selecting features to avoid bias and observing ML observability. However, challenges remain. For example, how can we ensure that the Metaverse is accessible to everyone? 我们如何确保人们在元世界中的体验是积极和丰富的? 人工智能可以通过为这些挑战提供解决方案来帮助改善元宇宙中的社交网络. For instance, 我们可以使用人工智能创建数字助手,帮助人们导航元宇宙并找到相关内容. AI can also monitor user behavior and flag potentially harmful or abusive behavior. By harnessing the power of AI, we can make the Metaverse a more inclusive and safer place for everyone.

Enhanced experiences for all

体验层的目标是为Metaverse的每个用户创建独特的数字体验. We can go about this in several ways, 例如,根据玩家的技能水平调整游戏难度,或根据个人需求定制虚拟环境中的感官体验. Additionally, 这一层可以个性化教育和培训计划或创建个性化的健身计划. By leveraging the power of AI, 体验层有潜力创造真正适合每个用户的定制体验.

我们才刚刚开始了解人工智能如何在元宇宙中创造差异化和包容性的体验. 关于人工智能如何在这方面做出贡献的一些想法包括使用它来创造更能代表更广泛人群的化身设计, generate personalized experiences tailored to individual users, and identify and puzzle potential harassment or abuse. 这些只是一些想法——随着我们努力使Metaverse成为一个对每个人都更具包容性的地方,我们将在未来看到许多关于AI的创造性用例.

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