Simplify Pharmacy Benefit Management

Custom solutions that increase 效率, enhance engagement, and ensure compliance.


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菠菜大平台 develops and implements solutions for Pharmacy Benefit Managers that enhance 效率 through simplified processes, customized to each PBM's specific requirements. Our industry experts bring decades of 经验 in the healthcare field and unmatched, 专业, technical expertise within the PBM domain.

在美国, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) administer prescription drug plans for approximately 266 million patients, responsible for developing formularies, 与药店合同, and negotiating pricing with drug manufacturers.

菠菜大平台’s industry-tested solutions help PBMs to better manage their end-to-end process to improve program efficiencies, 最小化风险, and enhance patient engagement for better outcomes.

菠菜大平台 helps Pharmacy Benefit Managers,

  • Understand the requirements for health benefit exchanges
  • Better manage the patient and member 经验
  • Drive engagements to help build effective strategies for member identification, 经验, 和保留
  • Establish and maintain compliance with relevant regulations
  • Meet security standards for protecting personal health data

Customized solutions to meet the needs of each PBM, including functionality such as,

  • Best-in-class workflows for claims, enrollment, and medical management
  • 方案及效益方案设计
  • 零售网络管理
  • 邮购药店管理
  • 产品评估与选择
  • 操作准备(BPS)


菠菜大平台’s 病人门户 makes it easy for providers, 纳税人, and other healthcare organizations to engage with patients more effectively. 只需点击几下, patients can access essential functions, 包括健康管理, 健康风险评估, 个人健康记录, 和远程医疗.


  • System-agnostic patient portal works with any installed EMR or other software
  • Increased medication adherence and reconciliation
  • Customizable patient care reports with notifications
  • Online bill pay and financial management tools
  • Mobile-responsive design for tablets and smartphones
  • 定制、集成形式
  • Patient surveys and patient-centered data reporting



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