Achieve Faster Time-to-Market with 菠菜大平台's advanced AWS Services

From building your product to getting to the market first, leave it to the experts. Get the best of 菠菜大平台's product engineering expertise combined with advanced AWS market-proven cloud offerings.

Podcast: 亚庇’s Low-Code Platforms – 所有 you need to know

Use cases, advantages, and real-life case studies of 亚庇’s low-code platform


Episode 17: Low Code Platforms – Game Changer or Hype

Paula Kielty,《菠菜app有哪些》 & Policy Manager, CUMIS discusses low-code platforms


ZipChat E16: Cloud Application Monitoring with Dynatrace

Get insights on Cloud application monitoring challenges, use cases, benefits



As on-premise solutions are becoming a thing of the past, customers seek comprehensive, 具有成本效益的, and fast experiences with the cloud. The fast and scalable nature of the AWS cloud combined with 菠菜大平台’s expertise and experience in solving complex problems, gives you the power to be flexible, 降低成本和风险.


Customers often choose to migrate their existing software from private data centers to AWS. 菠菜大平台’s meticulous architecture assessments and methodological frameworks aid in mitigating the pitfalls of a lift-and-shift move and reduce total cost of ownership.


A delivery model that emphasizes DevOps facilitates the automation of infrastructure processes by implementing habitual integration and lean approval cycles. As we move towards fully automated CICD pipelines, 菠菜大平台’s culture of collaboration between development and operations fills technical skill gaps and accelerates time-to-value. Champion upcoming trends in technology such as Serverless and Infrastructure-as-code with our high-performance, 创新团队结构.

之前的数据 & 分析

Data is powerful, and its potential is limitless if utilized properly. AWS can host vital business analytics, delivering robust business intelligence. Gain a vital competitive edge by making informed decisions on up-to-the-minute data. Use 菠菜大平台’s vast experience in 大数据 to holistically gather, 商店, and interpret a plethora of data types.





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